Leaving Ruff Town Records is a relief; I don’t have to perform at 50 shows for money – Fantana

Leaving Ruff Town Records is a relief; I don’t have to perform at 50 shows for money – Fantana

ghanasummary.comMay 15, 2023 5:00 PM

Leaving Ruff Town Records is a relief; I don’t have to perform at 50 shows for money – Fantana

During a recent interview on Abeiku Santana’s Atuu show, American-born Ghanaian singer Francine Koffie, known by her stage name Fantana, stated that her life has significantly improved since leaving Ruff Town Records.


She mentioned that everything has become much better and easier for her since her departure, and she no longer needs to perform at numerous shows to make a decent income.


When Abeiku Santana brought up the fact that she hasn’t had a hit song since leaving the record label, Fantana responded by saying that she has actually become more successful.


“Since I broke off from Ruff Town Records, I became bigger, I become more beautiful, I made more money, my life became better, I am flourishing , I am happy and I don’t have to perform at 50 shows to make money

It actually made me a boss


Leaving the record label actually made me stronger tougher

If you compare me from then to now, there is no comparison, infact I made it” she said in response

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