Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails Revealed NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop the formation of a United States of Africa

Leaked Hillary Clinton Emails Revealed NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop the formation of a United States of Africa

By the United States of Africa Facebook page

The then US State Secretary Hillary Clinton burst into laughter and commented upon learning of Gaddafi’s assassination and death:

“We came, we saw, he died”
The truth was this wasn’t just about the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi but no doubt Libya’s invasion was an organized crime to loot Libya’s 143 tonnes of gold and silver.
This was about slowing Libya’s economic Development and make it weak in order to forever be dependent on the West for survival.

Of the 3,000 emails released from Hillary Clinton’s private email server in late December 2015, about a third were from her close confidante Sidney Blumenthal. One of these emails, dated April 2, 2011, read in part:

“Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver. This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar.”

This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).”

In a ‘source comment’, the original declassified email added:

According to knowledgeable individuals this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion. French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya. According to these individuals Sarkozy’s plans are driven by the following issues:

  1. A desire to gain a greater share of Libya oil production,
  2. Increase French influence in North Africa,
  3. Improve his internal political situation in France,
  4. Provide the French military with an opportunity to reassert its position in the world
  5. Address the concern of his advisors over Qaddafi’s long term plans to supplant France as the dominant power in Francophone Africa”

Conspicuously absent is any mention of humanitarian concerns. The objectives were to get rid of the unification of Africa, money, power and oil.

Gaddafi and Obama were best Friends. But since Obama was now on the West side making the matters worse as the president of USA, the west broke their friendship. This is what Gaddafi said about Obama wanting him Dead:
“My little African son, Obama wants to kill me, to take away the freedom of our country, to take away our free housing,our free medicine, our free education, our free food,and replace it with American style thievery, called “capitalism.” -Colonel Gaddafi.

3 years before his assassination, Gaddafi showered praises on Barack Obama and feared he could be assassinated little did he know that he was going to be the assassin.
“I fear that they could liquidate this young man or force him to submit to their imperialist policies,” Gaddafi told a university gathering of his supporters in Sirte, without specifying who might put Obama under pressure.

“Obama is a flicker of hope in the middle of the imperialist darkness,” the Libyan leader said, adding: “There is a fear that they would liquidate him as they liquidated Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln.”

Gaddafi, who is the African Union chairman in 2009 offered to work with Obama to sustain security, stability and prosperity in Africa and elsewhere.

Gaddafi praised Obama for breaking with what he said was the previous American foreign policy that dictated to the rest of the world what to do to serve U.S. interests.

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