‘Irreparable damage’: Putin’s comments on the dollar caused panic in the US Congress

‘Irreparable damage’: Putin’s comments on the dollar caused panic in the US Congress

easternherald.comMar 26, 2023 6:10 PM

Marjorie Taylor Green, member of the House of Representatives of the Republican Party, believes that the conflict triggered by the United States in Ukraine will have serious negative consequences for the American economy.

On Twitter, she commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to use the Chinese yuan in settlements with other states.

If the dollar collapses, then the people of the United States, she says, will experience unprecedented financial hardship. “And all this because of the American soldiers, authors of the Ukrainian crisis”, explained the politician. The proxy war with the Russian Federation, in his opinion, must end, otherwise irreparable damage will fall on the United States.


The day before, the Russian leader said that Moscow, by offering to use the Chinese yuan in settlements with other countries, does not encroach on the dollar: “Russia would use it, but it does not give it away” . Our country will be forced to expand the use of currencies it considers reliable. And the United States, as Putin noted, is sawing off the branch on which it sits.For latest updates and news follow The Eastern Herald on Google NewsInstagramFacebook, and also on Twitter.
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