__A Growing Family


__A Growing Family

By Strive Masiyiwa

Congratulations to our team at Liquid C2, and our new family members from Cysiv-MEA in Egypt. This is just the beginning!

Liquid C2Africa [Liquid Cloud and Cyber] is a subsidiary of Liquid Intelligent Technologies set up about 10 years ago to address the growing demand for cloud and cyber security services in Africa. This was about the same time we began to realize the potential that would come from the demand for cloud (data) storage, and we set up Africa Data Centres [ADC] which is itself now a Unicorn by value.

Initially the demand was low but we were not bothered. The excellent team of #People who I had put on it were constantly sharing articles from around the world, and I read them avidly even when I was doing other things, always encouraging them to persevere. Then in 2017 it exploded, and with Covid changing the way people work, everything moved to “the Cloud”!

We actually found ourselves sprinting to build capacity to cope, the demand was so high. In just a few short years, we pushed into the key markets of Africa, helping companies get onto the Cloud whilst protecting themselves from cyber security threats.

So what are the lessons for you as an #Entrepreneur?

You tell me…

All the answers lie in things I have said here before: #JuniorClass, you can start with the three Ps, remembering the importance of #EagleFocus during #storms, developing and delivering #Products and services that reach out to meet human needs, and fighting IN the conditions…

If you learn the right lessons, it will ultimately reflect in how you act on them. Go back and read what I said over the 8+ years I was running the Entrepreneur Class here.

I am both humbled by and proud of our growing Family of #Companies and #Partners, all with the shared vision to provide secure, affordable, fast, and reliable digital access to all People across #Africa, and a shared belief in technology’s huge potential to unlock new opportunities to build and grow Africa’s century — from Cape Town to Cairo, and all the points east, west, and in between.

May you each and all prosper.

Image credit: Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies.






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