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Xylazine Turning People Into ‘Zombies’ in US, Viral Videos Show People ‘Acting Weird’ After Taking ‘Zombie Drug’

Xylazine Turning People Into ‘Zombies’ in US, Viral Videos Show People ‘Acting Weird’ After Taking ‘Zombie Drug’

Feb 25, 2023 2:23 PM

People in the US are behaving weirdly after consuming an illicit drug Xylazine or ‘tranq,’ or the ‘zombie drug’. They cannot walk properly, and they can get skin diseases, among other side effects.

Xylazine Turning People Into 'Zombies' in US, Viral Videos Show People 'Acting Weird' After Taking 'Zombie Drug'
Drug | Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Mumbai, February 25: A new drug called Xylazine or “Tranq” or the “zombie drug” is compelling people to behave weirdly across the United States. People in the US are “acting weird” after consuming this new drug. Several videos on the Internet show that people are unable to stand upright or walk properly after consuming Xylazine. Such videos exhibiting side-effects of the “zombie drug” are going viral.×300&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=StWhaEuCX3&p=https%3A//

In the videos, people are seen walking sluggishly as if the zombies from the virtual world have become a reality. Not just the posture, but also the appearance of these people look like “zombies”.

Xylazine ‘Turning People Into Zombies’:

What is Xylazine?

Xylazine is a drug that affects the central nervous system. It is a depressant that acts as a sedative and a painkiller. According to Sky News, “Tranq Dope” is a mix of Fentanyl and the veterinary drug Xylazine. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved this drug only for animals. Following these videos, the US FDA released a statement asking people not to consume this “life-threatening” drug.  Zombie Virus Cases? People Act Weirdly Creepy on The Streets of Philadelphia; Viral Video Leaves Netizens Horrified.

Side-Effects of ‘Zombie Drug’ Xylazine:

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), it can cause drowsiness and amnesia and slow breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure to dangerously low levels. Hyderabad Narcotics Officials Arrest Two Drug Peddlers in Special Operation on New Year Day.

The zombie drug has a barrage of side effects, including — slow and sluggish walking, just like a zombie, drowsiness and respiratory depression, ulcers and raw wounds on the skin. Sometimes it can cause rotting of the skin. It can spread to the extent that one needs to get an amputation done.

Xylazine Spreading Fast:

According to reports, Xylazine was first seen in Philadelphia, then in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Many people in the US have died after consuming this drug. According to a report by the Hindustan Times, 2,668 people died in New York alone in 2021 because of its overdose.

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