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Bond market: Turnover declines 80.3% to ¢135.63 m

Bond market: Turnover declines 80.3% to ¢135.63 m

Feb 22, 2023 2:53 PM

Market activity on the bond market declined sharply as total turnover plummeted 80.3% to ¢135.63 million.

This is coming after the government concluded the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme last week.

The recorded transactions on bonds were not actual trades but mostly fund transfers from the non-eligible participants and exempted groups.

On the front of the DDEP, the government achieved a participation rate of 84.91% of the reclassified outstanding principal of ¢97 billion as it concluded the DDEP.

The total amount tendered, however, constituted 63% of the total outstanding principal on the eligible bonds presented in the exchange memorandum.

Analysts believe the market will see limited activity, with most trades now concentrated in Treasury bills and corporate bonds.

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