Oyibi: Five die after eating waakye at popular joint, others hospitalized

Oyibi: Five die after eating waakye at popular joint, others hospitalized


Jan 27, 2023 7:41 AM

Five people have died from eating waakye at a popular joint at Oyibi Bush Canteen junction, in Accra.

These individuals, according to a report in the Graphic newspaper. developed severe complications after buying and eating from the place.

While it is suspected to be food poisoning, the other 40 individuals who bought food from the same joint on that particular day have also been hospitalized at the Dodowa Hospital and the Valley View Hospital.

The victims included a pregnant woman and a lotto vendor, who died as a result of consuming the infected waakye.

Other victims are the waakye seller, popularly known as Yellow Sisi, and her family members, who were rushed to the hospitals after they complained of severe stomach aches after they had eaten the food last Friday.


An investigation is underway. Meanwhile, the Yellow Sisi Waakye joint has been closed down.

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