Woman files case against husband for hiding impotency

Woman files case against husband for hiding impotency


Jan 24, 2023 7:24 PM

A 27-year-old woman has filed a case of cheating and cruelty against her 38-year-old husband for hiding impotency. She has also complained against seven relatives for cruelty against her

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Navi Mumbai: A 27-year-old woman has filed a case of cheating and cruelty against her 38-year-old husband for hiding impotency. She has also complained against seven relatives for cruelty against her.


The complainant from Panvel, had met the Parel-based man through a matrimonial website in December 2018 and got married in 2021. After five days of the marriage, the couple had gone for a honeymoon trip wherein the husband refrained from intimacy with his wife.

After their return, the relatives of the husband started ill-treating her. “According to the complainant, she was regularly put through taunts and insults and was often asked to go back to her parent’s home,” a police officer from Khandeshwar police station said.

Over a period when she realised that her husband was impotent, she dragged him to a doctor in Thane. The doctor said that he needed treatment. “The complainant claimed that the husband never had the medicines prescribed by the doctor and never took efforts to get well,” the officer added.

After a month, when the woman visited her family, she told them about her husband’s condition and the two families met to negotiate the marriage.

The woman claimed that the husband’s family threatened to kill her if she returned to their house as she had brought shame to the family by telling everyone about the medical condition of her husband.

After trying for settlement for over a year, she realised that her husband and his family would not budge, and approached the police. A case was registered under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code for cheating and cruelty.

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