Comment: Danquah’s Long Walk with CIA:ORDEAL IN AFRICA

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Comment: Danquah’s Long Walk with CIA:ORDEAL IN AFRICA

Author: Botifans

Date: 2023-01-01 15:09:02

In his classic book, J F K : ORDEAL IN AFRICA, Richard Mahoney, whose father, William P. Mahoney Jr, served as US Ambassador to Ghana from 1962 to 1965, detailed how the US fought hard to contain the Soviet Union/Russian influence in Africa during the Cold war.

First, the western narrative presents the current African horrific and devastated and ravaged state as the doings of the Soviet Union/Russia…and that the US led western marauding and raiding primates are the SAVIOURS of Africa…..what twisted logic, typical western convoluted, perverted and fallacious reasonings.

Russia had nothing to do with centuries of western bloody, horrendous and criminal ravaging and dehumanising of Africa and Africans through the slave trade and colonization, and the sheer exploitation of African human and natural resources to build what is now WESTERN WEALTHY SOCIETY.

Russia being a human-centered civilization, chose to sacrifice her everything to assist, repel and contain western destructive aggression on Africa.
And that has always been the Russian traditional role and operational relationship with Africa.

Whenever, you see Russia in Africa, it is to uphold this traditional and humanistic role.

Now the topsy-turvy western philosophy is presenting Russia as the problem of Africa and the heavily brainwashed western educated Africans swallowing the tosh.

In the wisdom of the post independence African liberation forefathers, it was better to deal with the Soviet Union/Russia which helped Africa to gain Independence than western rapists who raped our grandmothers, mothers and our young women and devastated our lands.


As usual, the West launched a counter offensive against that wise decision by the African liberation forefathers by projecting them as COMMUNISTS.

Efforts were made to recruit opposition figures to spearhead this agenda….it was then the likes of JB DANQUAH and BUSIA were recruited to lead the propaganda and the plan to overthrow and assassinate PAN AFRICAN leaders, especially Nkrumah who had been at the forefront of the struggle against western brutal imperialism and colonialism.

Nkrumah was designated as a THREAT to the West and presented as an AFRICAN PROBLEM….and that his removal would automatically captivate Africa to Paradise.

When you saw the Akufo-Addo reporting Burkina Faso and Russia to Blinken, he was just following a twisted logic and long tradition of the Busia and Danquah tradition, regurgitating Western mythology which states that, RUSSIA is Africa’s problem not the EXPLOITATIVE and COLD- BLOODED and the ABUSIVE West.

It is Russia, which devastated Africa and ravaging Africa…That is western toxic and twisted logic for you.

This was how Danquah became a CIA agent, together with Busia and now the Akufo-Addo to stop Russia in Africa.

Remember, this AKUFO-ADDO, attended the Russia/Africa summit in 2019 where he was caught on camera sleeping.

1) Why go to Russia for help when you think Russia is a threat to Ghana and Africa?
Typical of a hypocritical traitor.

2) Is it Russia which is keeping the billions of trillions of African wealth in French banks thereby starving African nations of the needed funds for their developmental agenda?

3) Was it Russia which bombarded Libya and opened the floodgates for western created JIHADISTS infiltration of Africa?

It is obvious countless of Africans have benefited from Western education and largesse…but that has not changed the fortunes of Africa…the western devastation and destabilisation of Africa continues unabated with their complicity.
Most of the western educated Africans will act same as Danquah when given the opportunity.

Now Danquah, the CIA asset as captured by Richard Mahoney, in his book J F K : ORDEAL IN AFRICA.


“The matter concerned Dr. J.B. Danquah, Nkrumah’s opponent in the presidential elections of 1960, who had been released from prison a few months after Mahoney’s arrival as ambassador. Danquah paid a visit one November day to the embassy to ask Mahoney why the funds his family had been receiving during his imprisonment had been cut off after his release.

This was the first time that Mahoney had heard of the arrangement. After Danquah left, he summoned the CIA chief of station to ask why he had not been advised of the agency’s association with Danquah. Dissatisfied with the explanation, Mahoney flew to Washington two days later and personally informed Kennedy about the matter. The President reacted sharply to the news and told Mahoney that he had sent a letter to all ambassadors in May 1961 making it clear that their authority extended to all phases of embassy decision making. Kennedy then telephoned CIA Director John McCone and told him that he was sending Mahoney over to CIA headquarters and wanted the matter re­solved immediately. The understanding that emerged from the meeting at Langley was that “no undertakings of any kind, even remotely involving our situation in Ghana, would either be continued or launched without the ambassador’s knowledge and approval

This moved Senator Dodd to launch a Senate subcommittee investigation to determine whether U.S. money was aiding another communist state. Professor Kofi Busia (recently of Lomé and other exile staging grounds) provided the testimony Dodd needed: “Ghana is the center for subversive Communist activities in Western Africa.” Mahoney appealed to Washington to stall the appearance of the Dodd report, but this, of course, was not possible. Nkrumah found Dodd’s wide-ranging accusations galling in the extreme, and the fact that the senator was a senior member of the President’s own party was not lost on the Ghanaians.


https://dokumen.pub/jfk-ordeal-in-africa-0195033418-9780195033410.html#Richard+D.+MahoneyYour Comment:


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Botifanson Jan 1, 15:18

Psychological war/Nkrumah African ProbleHow the US/CIA used the likes of Danquah to wage psychological WARFARE on Nkrumah and made several assassination attempts on him and presented him to reactionary and Bircher Africans as the AFRICAN PROBLEM whom must be elimi …

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*barimaon Jan 1, 15:19

Nkrumah was a TyrantAnd a communist dupe. A communist president for life in a one party dictatorship. We could use the devil to get rid of him justifiably.

Botifanson Jan 1, 15:35

PatheticDid you understand what is stated below by the CIA/STATE DEPARTMENT? Nkrumah was responding to the massive psychological WARFARE launched on him by the CIA using the likes of Busia and Danquah. Communist, dictator, Social …

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*barimaon Jan 1, 15:31

Nkrumah made enemies…….of his benefactors, friends and foes alike, through imprisonment, exiting and murder. The CIA did not make him do it.

Botifanson Jan 1, 15:53

No, CIA thugs were after himC.I.A. Said to Have Aided Plotters Who Overthrew Nkrumah in Ghana By Seymour M. Hersh May 9, 1978 https://www.nytimes.com/1978/05/09/archives/cia-said-to-have-aided-plotters-who-overthrew-nkrumah-in-ghana.html

Botifanson Jan 1, 15:54

Re: No, CIA thugs were after himThe Central Intelligence Agency advised and supported group of dissident army officers who overthrew the regime of President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana in February 1966, first-hand intelligence sources said yesterday.

SENDEROon Jan 1, 15:31

ANOTHER CIA SPY WE HAVE ON FILEUnbelievable!!! The CIA is largely made up of white males battling to preserve US interests. They were averse to any kind of Revolution whether at home or abroad. While their remit is supposed to be overseas, leaving t …

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Botifanson Jan 1, 15:48

Sharon Scranage“The CIA is largely made up of white males battling to preserve US interests. They were averse to any kind of Revolution whether at home or abroad.” Are you for real? Have you heard of Sharon Scranage of the Michael Sou …

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SENDEROon Jan 1, 16:24

HERE IS ANOTHER BLACK CIA OPERATIVELargely. It helps if you read and understand all I said instead of editing it to suit your defense So yes they did go beyond their scope of White Males. For instance one Gold Coaster they recruited was Guy Warren (Kofi …

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Botifanson Jan 1, 17:00

Any more namesIt is not an exclusively WITHE CLUB…it is about securing American strategic interest….and any pro American worshipper could be recruited including you. As a matter of fact, there are many Ghanaians including the PRESID …

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SENDEROon Jan 1, 17:06

YES HERE IS ANOTHER NAMESam Nujoma former President of Namibia He of the radical SWAPO down with the CIA. He has been outed with full details of his activities. This was about 10 years ago and he vowed to go to court and sue. We are still wait …

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Botifanson Jan 1, 17:27

Any double agents?Ones who worked for the CIA and the KGB? Hehehehe!!!

SENDEROon Jan 1, 17:43

CIA THEN MI6No. You see those who shout the loudest giving the impression they are left-wing radicals can easily be CIA This is the issue at hand, not double agents. The KGB had very little impact on African decolonization except in S …

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Botifanson Jan 1, 17:57

Who’s this person?Name this character, please!!!

Elder Abotsion Jan 1, 15:36

Re: Danquah’s Long Walk with CIA:ORDEAL IN AFRICAIndeed, what a traitorous family !!

Botifanson Jan 1, 15:58

Re: Danquah’s Long Walk with CIA:ORDEAL IN AFRICAIt is a family industry… sometimes you think I hated Rawlings…that is not the case. I was surprised that Rawlings lost control of himself and fell into the CIA trap by his flirtations with Akopy, the astute CIA agent. …

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OsaagyefoBa Kasa Barimaon Jan 1, 16:16

Re: Danquah’s Long Walk with CIA:ORDEAL IN AFRICAProphet, As usual, setting the records straight.

Botifanson Jan 1, 16:49

Re: Danquah’s Long Walk with CIA:ORDEAL IN AFRICAYep…this year is a year of setting the records straight and to reveal all the hidden truths concerning, why Africa and Ghana in this state. The narrative that Russia is African problem is fake and typical of western twis …

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Alhaji Alhajion Jan 1, 18:34

Re: Danquah’s Long Walk with CIA:ORDEAL IN AFRICANkrumah was a dictator to the core and any means used to overthrow his regime was legitimate. Created a one party state he had no deputy or vice president declared himself president for life A megalomania he was

Botifanson Jan 1, 18:48

Re: Danquah’s Long Walk with CIA:ORDEAL IN AFRICATosh… Brainwashed, programmed…. just regurgitating CIA talking points without thinking. Exactly what the write-up is about. The CIA really got you people where they wanted ….. SUBJECT Proposed Action P …

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