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Nat’l Cathedral: What did Cary Summers do to earn $6m as Consultant? – IMANI questions

Nat’l Cathedral: What did Cary Summers do to earn $6m as Consultant? – IMANI questions


Dec 26, 2022 7:04 AM

Vice President of IMANI Africa, Bright Simons has questioned Ghana’s alleged secret pacts with the Museum of the Bible (MOTB), Nehemiah Group, and Cary Summers for assistance in the development of some ancillary facilities in the National Cathedral project.


In a tweet Simons said, Parliament’s disapproval of the allocation of GH¢80 million for the construction of the National Cathedral will ostensibly bring to light details about the $6 million advanced to Cary Summers as a consultant to Ghana’s “National Cathedral.

“As the year draws to a close, one of the mysteries that remain unexplained is what Mr. Cary Summers did to earn ~$6 million as a consultant to Ghana’s “National Cathedral”. Why does Ghana still owe his Nehemiah Group? Maybe without the 80m GHS to share in 2023, answers will come,” Bright Simons tweeted.

In its most recent policy document, the IMANI Centre for Policy and Education listed some 10 challenges with the National Cathedral project.

It for instance questioned Government of Ghana’s secret pacts with the Museum of the Bible (MOTB), Nehemiah Group, and Cary Summers (all linked to the Green Organisation in the US) for assistance in developing Christian tourism around the National Cathedral.

“The experience of these individuals and organizations in their own backyard and operations proves that “bible museums” are extremely hard to run and fully cover costs.


“In MOTB’s desperation, it has had to grapple with artifact fraud and antiquities trafficking. Fundraising strategies developed for the Ghanaian “National Cathedral” have so far failed spectacularly. Museum of the Bible (Washington DC), part of the bevy of international Christian tourism advisors to the National Cathedral, has faced lawsuits for antiquities fraud and smuggling and has come under state investigations.”

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